Hopepunk for youth: eco-anxiety, our ‘othering’ of youth, and the opportunity for optimism ahead.

HOPE: Last month I had a chance to speak to my colleagues in the BC legislature about some of the challenges that our youth are facing, and the burden we place upon their shoulders for the future. This was tied, for me, to thinking about war, and te contribution and sacrifice of veterans for the ‘community good’ (on the heels of Nov 11), and how unselfishness seems to be central to so much of what we do to support society. But, also to the recognition of how important hope is, particularly for youth who are struggling with eco-anxiety, geopolitical insularism and general polarization in society. That, and the discovery of a new term (to me), dubbed “hopepunk”, which I am enamoured by. On the cusp of a new year, it seems a good time to reflect on hope and what we can do to create more of it.