Good resource jobs now AND a generation from now

Roly with Downie Selkirk sign
We want good resource jobs in our communities today, AND in a generation from now. Past administrations have eroded our collective natural assets to make a quick dollar for distant shareholders, at the expense of our social and economic future locally. That’s why I’m pleased that we’re investing in private sector diversification and innovation through programs like the BC Manufacturing Jobs fund.
Yesterday we stopped by Downie Forest Products in Revelstoke, an example of industry in rural communities that is working to protect jobs in the forestry sector. They received over $800k to help them improve their ability to get more value out of small logs, meaning more jobs, more money, and less waste in Revelstoke.
Similarly, I have had the chance to meet the leaders of RichPly a couple times now (in Prince George in January, Victoria in March). They partnered with the BC Government to help improve their plywood manufacturing process — again, adding value to each tree coming out of our forest, and adding more forestry jobs that will be there for generations to come.
A final example was Friday’s visit to meet with the team from Harrop-Proctor Community Forest and hear about the good work they are doing. The funds they are receiving is helping them to expand their ability to process smaller logs, and mill wood to create higher value final products (e.g. a new moulder!). These investments help protect both healthy forests and and a healthy forest industry economy for generations to come.
These kinds of investments, and the policy action we’re taking, will help be sure that the grandkids of todays forest-sector workers will still have the opportunity to work in an industry that helps protect forests AND jobs.
CHeck out the BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund for more information: BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund – Province of British Columbia (